How to deal with an introverted child

The introversion is one of the psychological problems that come as a companion to many psychological diseases such as schizophrenia and some cases of depression. It also comes as a psychological problem … This is why we introduce you in today’s article a set of tips to help you deal with an introverted child … With us . The introversion is usually the result of a reaction to severe suppression of the human and often in adolescents and children who are not allowed to vent what is inside them and there is no one to listen to them resulting in suppression, in fact, in some cases of convergence, the child is superior to study or superior in an individual sports activity Like the tennis game, for example, some think that the child’s inclination is dependent on his desire to excel, but the truth is that this is one of the forms of venting on repression.

It may be a kind of sublimation – turning the desire from a negative desire repressed to a positive desire not suppressed – but most of these cases are just an attempt to vent what is inside the child and later affect the formation of social relations in the child and not a cure for the state of convergence.

The main causes of introversion .

The reasons that lead the child to introvert and shyness and rely on others and the inability to answer questions or use the school to understand the mysterious things are:

The cruelty of the father. A father who behaves harshly and aggressively at home with his wife and children causes vague fears for the child and feels that it is his duty to be ready to defend himself against violence, aggression and coarseness because the constant fight between father and mother feels insecure and intimidated by the aggressive elements that lie within his nature.

Mother fears. The child is affected by the mother’s fears and worries about it, making him afraid to go into the new experiments and inadvertently filling the child with the feeling that there are hundreds of invisible things that fill the world and are dangerous to him. Such a child feels that the only place he feels comfortable is next to his mother. He feels frightened. He can not cross the road alone or enjoy running, playing or swimming in the sea. He expects at any moment to get hurt, and he stays away from trying to do anything. Or something resembling fear of being hurt.

Not mixing with other children. Sometimes the fear of the mother reaches her child to a degree that prevents him from mixing and playing with other children for fear of learning some unsatisfactory behavior or learning some inappropriate words. He becomes an introverted child who prefers isolation and is afraid to get involved in any other children’s game. The disadvantages of this trend appear when he is at a stage where he feels his desire to mix and his inability to do so will result in psychological anxiety, depression, inability to rely on himself and face life.

The constant threat of the child, by means of the threatening ear, which is directed to him extravagantly, for example, if I do so, I will hit you, I will throw you in the street, I will hand you over to the police, and so on, so that the child will be filled with fear, anxiety and anxiety.

Some ways to deal with the child introverted

The affected child must be treated quite differently because he does not respond to a normal response to conventional methods of education because his brain does not explain things the same way. Which is explained by the brain of the ordinary child, he does not care about danger, for example, and can not be changed by rebuke or slapping.

Methods of prevention of introversion disease .

To prevent the crisis of convergence we should use several ways and means of several ways and means to deal with children with introversion and these methods.

Empathy with them and with their experiences that led them to isolation and introversion

The person who has a lot to say and express it, why not give him the opportunity and listen to him.

Parents and brothers should be given the opportunity for children and adolescents to speak and to express their opinions and suggestions and to make sure that they are good.

We have to pay the person involved to do some social activities and propose to start some recreational activities and simple sports so that we develop the spirit of belonging to the group and strengthen his confidence in society and social consensus. Finally the introverted child needs you from my lady and his family members a lot of love and affection and family warmth patience and understanding of the privacy of his situation.

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