How to clean your child’s teeth easily

Care for your children’s teeth starts from childhood as soon as you see the first signs of teething on your child and the appearance of the first 4-5 teeth in your child. First, it is difficult for the mothers to open the child’s mouth to clean the teeth, but by teaching the child it becomes easier and the child is accustomed to the habit of cleaning the teeth and the child’s use of the toothbrush is natural and easy.

Care for the baby’s teeth after birth

You can take care of the gums area of ​​the baby after birth and clean the gums from any deposits using a piece of gauze medical after each time your child to prevent the accumulation of milk residue on the baby’s gums and to get used to your child to clean the teeth from childhood.

The importance of cleaning children’s teeth

Cleaning the baby’s teeth twice a day leads to the elimination of harmful bacteria and acids that are excreted from the food particles. Which causes tooth decay and tooth decay, it is important to train children on how to clean their teeth. 
Lactic teeth are important for children to help bite and chew food, and children’s teeth help to develop children’s language and speech skills correctly. Children’s tooth decay leaves gaps on the gums between the teeth and can cause the teeth to grow incorrectly, which affects the appearance of children’s teeth when growing up.

Choose a baby toothbrush

There are many brands of toothbrushes for children in the market. Choose a brush with a long hand and soft hair so that the child does not tire of the habit of brushing the teeth. You can also choose a toothbrush that is designed to simplify the child with a brush that helps to play and can clean teeth with simple help. From the mother to get used to using them individually.

Use toothpaste

As soon as you start cleaning your child’s teeth, it is necessary to use the child’s toothpaste which does not contain fluoride, if it is swallowed that does not lead to any health problems for the child or to make white spots on the tooth enamel.

How to clean your child’s teeth

To clean your child’s teeth easily, you should know that children love to imitate whatever their parents do. You can clean your teeth in front of your child. He will look at you and then use a piece of toothpaste on the brush to wipe the baby’s teeth. Remove the toothpaste so that the baby does not swallow. With water to get rid of the residue of any oral paste.

Visit the dentist

Make sure you visit your dentist once a year so your doctor can detect any potential problems with your child’s teeth. Do not give the baby too much juice or candy, especially before sleeping, so as not to cause problems for the teeth of the child, such as tooth decay .

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