How to care for children’s hair

Every mother dreams of a healthier and longer hair for her child, especially if this child is a girl. No mother wants her daughter’s hair to be damaged by the mother’s own hair, such as falling, damaged, bombed, and not growing well. Her daughter is taller, but what are the right strategies for each mother to care for her daughter’s hair?

To answer this question should be considered natural care of children’s hair, and then understand the optimal strategies to deal with it.

  • Nature of children’s hair:

The nature of children’s hair differs from that of adults, in many things such as the fullness of the child’s hair (especially newborn) with the brown head, as well as the attempt to fill more areas of the skull of the head and complete the spaces.

  • Child Care:

Care in the hair of the child in how to wash and comb only, the child’s hair does not require paint or creams or cream baths, only you can wash it well and comb it.

– Tips for washing children’s hair the best way:

1 – the need to wash the whole hair with water only and heavily before putting the shampoo on it until the shampoo homogenizes with hair properly to become more foam, and more clean.

2 – Combing hair with the comb before, during and after washing, combing hair in the washing process in different directions contributes effectively to washing it in a good way, because the purpose of washing the child’s hair is the scalp and not the ends of the hair.

3 – How to put shampoo on the hair, the best way is to take a quantity of shampoo in the hands, and then put water on it and hands together to rub the foam on both hands, then placed on the scalp in all directions.

4. Apply shampoo to the baby’s hair with your hands and a wide tooth comb.

5 – Do not use the paints of your child’s hair at all, because it is attached to hair and do not wash with easily, leading to inflammation in the skin of hair.

6 – Repeat the process of washing the baby’s hair shampoo only once a week.

7. You can use a baby balm if your child’s hair is drier.

8. You can wash your baby’s hair daily but only with water and comb

9 – Make the hair curls for your child every evening.

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