How to avoid varicose legs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman encounters many unwanted pregnancy problems. These problems are leg varices during pregnancy . The varicose veins appear on the legs in the form of protrusions of blue lines, which are blood vessels whose appearance is ugly and inappropriate. The varices of the legs during pregnancy are the result of several factors, including hormonal changes during pregnancy and increase the size of the uterus, which increases the pressure on the veins of the legs as well as increase the volume of blood to feed the fetus, and to check the problem of varicose legs during pregnancy “Your health today” give you some tips and guidance to avoid the emergence of the international in pregnancy .

Lift your feet

Keeping your feet up from the ground every half hour is one of the important steps to avoid varicose veins in pregnancy. Whether you are at work or at home, you have to lift your feet off the ground every half hour to move the blood circulation in the body better. Also when sleeping, it is advisable to put a pillow under your feet to help you. To raise your feet and the health of your blood circulation.

Always rest

Comfort in pregnancy benefits all stages of pregnancy and avoid multiple complications of pregnancy, including varicose legs, take a rest each period and avoid the pressures that increase the flow of blood in the body and avoid fatigue, too, avoid standing for long periods so as not to affect the circulatory system in the lower body .

Wear proper clothing

Wearing proper clothing is largely necessary to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy. Wearing tight clothing leads to damage to the blood vessels and hampers blood circulation in the legs, which causes the appearance of pregnancy varicose veins. Wear custom, wide-ranging pregnancy clothes.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is part of the daily routine during pregnancy. Exercising safely in pregnancy helps to move the blood circulation in the body, which prevents the occurrence of varicose veins during pregnancy.

Massage the legs

Massage has many benefits during pregnancy. Massage with some natural oils such as olive oil or jojoba oil helps moisturize the skin, strengthen the veins , effectively prevent pregnancy varicose veins , and prevent many other pregnancy problems.

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