How to avoid the surprise of your period at school

Care for personal hygiene especially sensitive areas of things important for girls, but some may be exposed to the arrival of the menstrual cycle suddenly, especially in school or work and do not know how to behave.

Dr. Alia al-Awadi, a professor of family medicine, said that menstrual cycle problems are a new “problem” during school hours, and sometimes the suffering of transferring the student to the hospital, where pain is caused by stress and exhaustion and many other reasons. To prepare for the monthly session during school hours:

If you have a regular period of time, make sure you do not miss the school period, enroll it on your mobile phone or on a wall-mounted calendar in your room.

2 – If you have a specific date for your menstrual cycle as well, eat boiled some herbs before the date three days once a day. Such as herb «Almmarip»; so that the session without pain is final.

3. If you are surprised in the early morning with some pain, break a mixture of cinnamon and chamomile with a small cup before you go to school.

4. If you are taking a private residence, keep it in your school bag.

5 – If you are shy and reluctant to ask for towels protection from the health counselor in the school and keep each other in a pocket hidden in your pocket.

6. Keep small nylon bags as well, so that the soiled towels can be worn even if thrown into the school’s trash can, so that you can behave as a thin female.

7. Eat breakfast well, do not be exposed to cold currents, and try to warm yourself with cotton clothes under the school uniform in the days of the session; because the cold increases uterine contractions.

8. If you are suffering from the phenomenon of “physiological vomiting,” keep the nylon bags thick and new and not pierced in your bag; so as not to contaminate your clothes or separation if surprised you vomiting that accompanied the menstrual period in some girls.

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