How to avoid obesity in children?

Obesity in children may suffer from many children, and may cause obesity in children not to enjoy the children of their childhood, and cause obesity and increase children in the feeling of mothers concerned about the health of children What are the ways to avoid obesity in children?

According to Dr. Ahmed Rami, obesity in children is a widespread phenomenon. The cause of overweight and overweight is due to increased intake of high-calorie foods as well as neglect of children’s exercise.

The other cause of childhood obesity may be due to thyroid problems, metabolic problems or certain genetic factors.

On the health problems caused by obesity in children, Dr. Ramy added that it may lead to serious health problems for the child, including osteoporosis, pain of joints or deformities in the child’s spine and heart disease, as well as delaying the stage of reaching the child and affect the psychological state.

Dr. Rami offers the most important advice to mothers to avoid obesity in children, which helps parents to help their children to avoid obesity:

Effective tips to avoid child obesity

– Stay away from high calorie foods such as fries, soft drinks and fast food

– Getting the child to eat three meals a day so that the child feels seven and does not increase the intake of food when the feeling of frequent hunger

– Encourage the child to eat healthy food such as fruits, vegetables and grilled food

– Training the child to be interested in the exercise of popular sports such as swimming and participation in sports clubs.

– Getting the child to sleep at regular times and sleep at least 6 hours a day.

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