How to avoid back pain in pregnancy

The problem of back pain during pregnancy may be exposed to many pregnant women The cause of back pain during pregnancy to change in the hormone progesterone, which causes relaxation in the ligaments of muscles and thus increase in length

Muscle relaxation is important to facilitate the birth process but also affects the back column and leads to laxity in the ligaments supporting the spine and its vertebrae. The situation is further aggravated by the familiar situation of a pregnant woman pushing her stomach forward and back.

This situation puts the lower joints of the spine, especially those between the pelvis and adjacent areas under great pressure, and excessive weight increases the back pain. Prevention remains the cornerstone of dealing with the problem of back pain, so be aware of the following points:

– The proper state of the body is an important factor, and can be used to push your back on a flat wall and try to take this integrity, for example, for your normal session.

– Particular rest in the last three months of pregnancy is of utmost importance.

– Massage muscles as this relieves back pain and puts hot water on sore areas.

– Do not carry heavy things even if I had to carry your child, for example, sit in the position of squatting and protect and then moderate but do not bend your back to pick up something heavy never.

– Wear flat shoes to distribute the weight of the body so that the abdominal area is not concentrated with the feet moving constantly

– To get rid of back pain during sleep growing on one of your sides with a pillow between the legs and another under your belly. You can also use a load pad.

– Wear a belt booster to help lift the abdomen, as it helps to remove pressure from the back. There are belt types that offer multiple degrees of support as needed, and a doctor can be consulted regarding the appropriate support grade.

– Finally do not worry these pains quickly disappear after birth and return to your life and your natural fitness, but after you have a beautiful baby next to compensate you for the best compensation.

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