How to accept the child visit the dentist?

When you visit a dentist, the child shows four types of reactions, including fear, anxiety, resistance and shyness. Are there ways in which children can accept a dentist visit?

Dr. Mohamed Amjad, professor of orthodontics and member of the European Dental Association, explains that the strange reactions of children in dental clinics are due to many reasons, such as that the doctor must take into account the method of raising the child and the genetic factors and physical growth of the child to choose the best way to deal with him so as not to The child alienates him.

It shows that the dentist must be trained on how to deal with children. The family should not use the method of intimidation from the dentist, but should be shown to the friend who will repair the teeth to look good.

Parents should not interfere with the treatment of a child even if he is forced to use cruelty and must comply with what the doctor says because it is in the best interests of the child and the completion of treatment.

And the child must be consulted to visit the dentist at the age of two and a half, even if there is no need to treat his teeth because these visits have a significant impact so that the child used to visit the clinic and the fear of him, as well as those early visits to ensure the safety of teeth and to give the mother the necessary guidance to She keeps her baby’s teeth .

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