How pregnant women deal with fasting

When the month of Ramadan comes, there may be some conditions and factors that prevent some people from fasting or make them not know whether fasting will cause harm to them or not.

In order to know whether fasting is suitable for pregnant women or not, let us first talk about pregnancy in some detail:

Stages of pregnancy: 

The first stage:

Is the stage known as the birth and be in the first three months in which the pregnant woman affects some symptoms such as feeling nausea, vertigo, anxiety and tension because of the increase of pregnancy hormones and if these symptoms are excessive, it is better not to fast.

The second phase:

It extends from the fourth month to the sixth month, where the patients get high sugar or drop and pressure and anemia and it is best not to fast with the emergence of these symptoms.

third level:

Is the last three months of pregnancy and women are exposed to the same symptoms experienced in the previous stage in addition to increasing the body weight as a result of the fetus and exposure to extremities of swelling and these symptoms cause the inability of pregnant women to fast.

When can a pregnant woman fast?

If the pregnant work, they are exposed to the symptoms and the problems mentioned above than women who do not work and therefore if they are exposed to less, there is nothing to prevent fasting, however, what was mentioned is not a reliable rule followed and Faisal is the opinion of the competent doctor What prepares a pregnant woman for fasting is her health and her willingness to do so.

The best pregnancy stages for fasting without problems:

The middle stage is the best one in which women can fast without worrying because the first and last stages are the most difficult, but as we mentioned before, women who go through any stage can fast as long as the doctor has confirmed her ability to fast.

Effect of fasting on the health of women and fetus:

After several studies proved that fasting does not adversely affect the health of pregnant women, but affects the fetus in the weight only decreases but do not stare any other complications or diseases as long as the woman maintain a healthy diet and healthy during the period of breakfast.

Healthy nutrition for pregnant women fasting: 

– Pregnant women who fast for fasting need to add to their meals the elements that their body needs and which they lost during fasting hours such as iron, calcium and magnesium in more doses.

– Pregnant women should take copious quantities of water and fluids because their lack of entry into the body leads to contractions in the uterus, which may cause the fetus to develop early. If a woman feels one of these symptoms, she should immediately go to the doctor because the law permits her. If they are at risk.

– It should refrain from eating sweets in large quantities because sweets make the body needs fluids and water and may not be able to get this amount between breakfast and Suhoor.

The pregnant woman must visit the specialist continuously and to practice non-violent sport to maintain the pregnancy and the health of her fetus.

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