How many hours do you need to sleep?

How many hours are enough to sleep, God created the night for us to rest because the silence of the night and its quietness because of darkness leads to psychological and physical comfort and to renew the cells of the body, which comes after a long day of fatigue and the creation of the day to work, And made the day a pension)  .

deep sleep

Deep sleep is one of the most sought after people because it has positive effects on physical and psychological health. Deep sleep is a reason for the regeneration of cells in the body. It is also a reason for regular secretion of glands. The process of metabolism, and give human beings freshness and vitality, but in light of the bustling life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive, it has become a comfortable sleep deep and a kind of luxury, where some resort to take drugs and drugs and sedatives that help them to sleep, which have a lot of side effects on the body, leads to Addiction, so you must resort to natural herbs, which gives thebody a deep sleep and feel comfortable, without having negative effects, and there are many herbs that meet this purpose.

The benefits of early sleep

  •   The benefits of sleeping at night It helps the body to get rid of toxins, helps to relax the body and calm the nerves .
  • The benefits of sleep at night that it works on the rest of the eyes and strengthens the eyesight .
  • Also early sleep works to replenish damaged cells in the body  .
  • The early sleep of children at night helps to grow healthy and develop their mental and physical abilities because brain cells grow at night during sleep and increases the level of intelligence and increases their mental and cognitive abilities  .
  • Staying at night and sleeping during the day makes your body feel tired, lazy and lazy .
  • Early sleep leads to waking up early, active and vital, elevates the spirit and gives the body
  • Happiness and tranquility  .
  • Early sleep leads to the students’ superiority and success because it activates their memory and makes the mind more aware of and assimilation of the subjects   .
  • Early sleep strengthens the immune system by 50% against many diseases, as natural immunity increases the strength of sleep .
  • Early sleep maintains the ideal weight of the body and some scientists advise obese patients to follow a specific diet with enough sleep .
  • Early sleep helps protect the body from diabetes because the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar activates during sleep at night .
  • The scientists discovered that sleep at night makes the pineal gland in the brain increases the secretion of melatonin, which works to relax and rest, but sleep during the day prevents the secretion of this substance or reduce its secretion

Damage to night time

  • The phenomenon of sleep, especially that which extends to the dawn or late hours of night effects and serious consequences on health, including the following
  • Blood preasure increases the next morning, and when the pressure increases repeatedly due to the delay, this will lead to serious health damage
  • The immune system disrupts the immune system and makes it chaotic. This device is programmed to sleep hours and other hours of vigilance, leading to diseases due to imbalance in the immune system.
  • The delay causes abnormalities in the stature and curvature of the spine, because most of the times people spend during the night are sitting on the television and most of these sessions are wrong
  • Eye injury is red due to the lack of secretion of Arodopsin, which is produced frequently during sleep at night
  • Lead to a lack of visual acuity
  • The person is affected during sleep and is distracted and distracts the brain, and this is because of the impact of chemical neurotransmitters in the brain
  • hormones is sdeprived of the secretions of hormonesin the natural form, as there are hormones secreted during sleep at night, such as growth hormone
  • Laziness, wasting and weakness of physical structure because the body is deprived of the secretion of hormones responsible for giving the body more vitality and activity
  • Slows the growth of brain cells due to a defect in the energy metabolism of glucose glucose, which leads to weak growth of the cerebral cortex
  • The work of the heart is affected as a result of anesthesia due to the tension of nerve cells in the esophagus
  • Speeding up the appearance of symptoms of aging
  • Causes cellular hypoxia, which occurs as a result of erratic breathing movements and thus affects the body’s oxygenation

Best sleeping times

1- Sleeping from 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm Each sleep hour equals 3 hours of rest. 
2 – sleep from 12 midnight until 3 am “and the hours of sleep equivalent to one and a half hours of rest. 
3. While sleeping from 3 am “to 5 am 
, each hour of sleep is equivalent to one hour of rest. 
According to this information, if you go to sleep from 10pm until 4:00 am you will get 11 to 12 hours of rest. 
And through the experience gained from experiments and research, early waking before the sunrise increases the longevity and improves the human well-being and vitality and activity .. Also improves the health status of the human in general .. While sleep beyond the sunrise increases laziness and mental inactivity And physical

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