How is the egg fertilized and pregnancy occurs?

How does pregnancy occur? When is the egg fertilized? How does pregnancy occur? Many questions are repeated in the mind of many women who are interested in pregnancy. They ask how the egg is fertilized, pregnancy occurs, and how can pregnancy be known and confirmed?

Dr. Hana Abdel Moneim, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, said that the process of fertilization and pregnancy occurs after the practice of the marital relationship. The semen begins to gather in the posterior part of the vaginal canal for approximately four hours. And then start sperm sperm journey to the egg by crossing the cervix, which is an important station for rest and food for the sperm.

The mucous fluid of the cervix is ideal, in terms of acidity factor, the capacity of openings for sperm passage and viscosity, or the absence of infections or microbes.

A group of sperm cells migrate to the fallopian tube, where the egg is buried and then the sperm cells begin to secrete certain substances that dissolve the capsule coated to the egg so that one sperm can penetrate the capsule around the egg and then fertilize and integrate with the egg.

Then the second camp begins. It is the stage of division into the embryo. The divided cells then move into the uterus and grow themselves inside the uterine wall. This period takes about six days to eight days.

Then , after that stage is the secretion of the hormone HCG, which is detected to confirm pregnancy , it can be enriched after a period of eight days for the analysis of blood and called B-HCG , which determines the occurrence of pregnancy or pregnancy test can be done to confirm the home pregnancy occurs.

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