How does pregnancy occur?

Pregnancy beautiful journey in which God ‘s power embodied union ovum (female cell) with sperm (male cell), and this process is called the process of fertilization, can occur fertilization during the day or only two of each menstrual cycle, usually between day 14 and 16 of the menstrual cycle if It was regular and lasted 28 days.

If the cycle is irregular, a doctor should be consulted for the days of fertilization. The ovary produces an egg and sometimes two eggs each month during the female fertility period, which extends from age 13 to 48 years. The testicle produces sperm in the man. The ovum comes out of the ovary and passes through the tube or the fallopian tube to the uterus. The sperm swam in the vagina towards the uterus, and from the uterus to the fallopian tube until it meets the egg at the end of the outer tube. The sperm collect around the egg so that only one of them can penetrate the egg and unite with its nucleus to begin to generate the fetus. Fertilization takes only a few minutes. The sperm does not live for more than 24 hours while the egg remains alive for no more than 36 years. Therefore, the sperm and egg must meet within a period of one day to fertilize.

The fertilization of the fertilized egg (or fertilized) to the womb continues through the movement of cilia (such as the fine lines), the fallopian tube and the muscle movement that forms the wall of the tube and begins dividing the fertilized egg into two cells, four, eight, and so on. The egg may stop for a day or more at the narrow part of the tube but eventually reach the uterus after about 3 to 5 days of fertilization. If the tube is exposed to infection due to a previous infection, the cilia or muscles may become damaged and may obstruct the passage of the egg to the tube.

After the arrival of the fertilized egg, which became the new embryo into the uterus implanted in the uterus (lining of the uterus) and begin feeding from the cells of the uterus by the blood vessels that reach them. Thus begins the new fetus in the formation and maturity within the uterus until the completion of the pregnancy period known, which is about 36 weeks.

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