How does obesity affect women’s sexual ability?

Does obesity have a negative effect on women’s sexual ability?

Dr. Saber Sulaiman Al-Gharabawi, Consultant of Obesity and Thinness, said that obesity has a significant impact on the sexual aspect of women. It is known that increasing the fat in the abdomen, buttocks and rumpets in women leads to a regular and flowing flow of blood circulation in the regions. Genital.

With the increase in the size of the woman’s abdomen, her buttocks and her fiancees, she begins to lose the beautiful and harmonious shape of her genitals. Obesity also affects the controlling muscle in the genital area, which weakens the muscle and may often cause women to urinate.

Women’s exercise here is very useful, in order to get rid of fat completely, and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, especially the internal muscles of the thighs until the normal configuration of the genital area, and to control again in the urine.

In addition, abdominal and buttock exercises such as sleeping on the abdomen, lifting the feet up, sleeping on the back, repeating the same exercise at a sharp angle from the ground, opening the legs and closing them regularly to tighten the abdomen and buttocks.

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