How does a mother deal with her colicky child?

Colic in children, especially the baby is causing anxiety for many mothers, what causes colic in children .. How can a mother treat colic to the child?

According to Dr. Noha Abu Al-Wafa, the real cause of the baby is not known and the colic occurs in the child during the first days after birth until the age of four months because of the gases in the stomach and adds that the most cases of colic occur or worsen during the night and the child is in good condition at rest of the day The colic fits usually from 10 minutes to an hour and the baby cries continuously, which worries the non-expert mother.

Dr. Noha pointed out that the child with colic is a normal child, not a patient, in the sense that it is breastfeeding and growing normally. To relieve your colic, you can follow the following tips:

First, the parents should especially be patient and understand the condition of their child because this helps to alleviate the severity of the colic in the child, but if the mother nervous mood will be reflected and worse the situation of the child more, and the mother should do the following:

Massage gently on her baby’s belly using warm oil and preferably baby oil

Wash the child’s body with warm water

Give your child repellent herbs such as peppermint, anise, and cava in breastfeeding

Do not add sugar to baby food

Raising the child or walking gently and often advantageous way to expel the gases causing colic

Do not provide solid foods to the child six months before Umrah

Do not let your child cry for long periods of time before holding the gas and air in the child’s cavity.

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