How do you take care of your beauty during your period?

The menstrual cycle is a very special period in women where the body is exposed to a lot of hormonal disorders that appear obvious on the skin such as grain, fatigue and others. In this article, my lady will give you some tips to keep you looking bright during your own days, so read more.

Moisturizing the skin

During menstruation, keep your skin moisturized with a good moisturizer, which is more sensitive and prone to dehydration. You should use a moisturizer free of oils or comedogenic, to keep your skin moist, away from the dry or accumulated fat.

Natural massage for the treatment of skin problems

Do not forget to apply some active compounds using natural ingredients to soothe skin infections, get rid of dryness, dead cells that accumulate on your face and turn your skin into greasy. 
One of the most important ingredients to take care of your skin during the period of the menstrual cycle is cucumber, aloefera, honey, which is known for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties to leave your skin more fresh and vibrant. Apply one of these ingredients and massage your face in the form of upward movements to relax and get a bright complexion.

Be nice with your skin in this period

You are advised to use gentle skin care products during the menstrual cycle, as the skin is more sensitive to appear dull and swollen all the time. You can use skin care products with soothing properties or anti-inflammatory effects. In case you prefer the natural option you can take advantage of chamomile or green tea and prepare natural masks to soothe the skin in this period.

A little makeup to brighten the skin

It is normal during this period that the skin appear dull and cumbersome, due to low estrogen and prostaglandins. To combat the effects of prostaglandin and estrogen withdrawal, we recommend that you use cosmetics in a simple way to give some glow to your skin.

Use products include salicylic acid

You may think that keeping away from products that contain acids is essential to maintaining a balance of the skin but using products that contain salicylic acid helps to remove the dead skin cells gently, preventing pores from clogging which helps in treating acne and blackheads.

Drink plenty of water

During the period of menstruation, the skin is exposed to loss of fluids as a result of the pre-menstrual period, which is one of the main causes of dryness and loss of freshness. The best way to compensate for lack of fluids is to drink water in sufficient quantities, let alone use the moisturizer morning and evening regularly with the need to choose the right kind of skin. You can also apply yoghurt on a daily basis to your skin, as it moisturizes and rebalance the skin, and you can also add a little white honey, to get a double hydration.

Balanced Food

Eating a balanced diet during the period of the menstrual cycle in maintaining a balanced skin, and avoid the intake of caffeine and salt in this period.

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