How do you prepare a healthy food box for your child?

Preparing a healthy food box for your child is essential to motivating a healthy diet from a young age. It is also necessary to provide it with the energy needed to exercise various activities and increase concentration during the day. In addition, it ensures you avoid the child to buy candy and unhealthy snakes. But, of course, to encourage your children to eat healthy, it is essential to diversify and provide food in a way that attracts children. As far as possible, remind your child to prepare meals to learn some cooking skills, as well as to the desire to eat the food they took part in making.

While preparing a food box for your child, make sure that it contains the essential nutrients needed to build the body that include:


Whether it is through the bread used to make sandwiches, caltost, brown bread, or even a little flavored cornea or pasta, choose whole grain products rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fiber helps to feel full for long periods of time while providing the child with the necessary energy.


Try to include some protein sources in your child’s daily diet, preferably iron-rich sources such as red meat. Bring your child to a rich and delicious diet from various protein sources such as chicken breasts, steaks or tuna. For vegetarian children, eggs, nuts or pulses can be used to prepare food, and it is preferable to add a little healthy fat to enhance nutritional value.


If your child does not prefer to take the salad, prepare some fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and other innovative shapes using knife or biscuit slices in the form of child-friendly shapes. Or you can cut vegetables and place them with a wooden stick in the form of vegetable shish. On cold days, you can prepare a small bowl filled with vegetable soup with some pieces of brown bread to get the most benefit with the supply of energy and warmth.


The food box must include some fresh fruit to supply the child with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and folic acid to prevent anemia and stimulate the production of red blood cells. Choose fruits rich in vitamin C to help quickly absorb iron inside the body. The most important fruits rich in vitamin C are acidic fruits or kiwi.

Dairy products

Dairy products are an ideal source for calcium, protein and vitamin B12. Yoghurt with fruit or cheese in various forms of favorite foods for children, insert it into the food box daily.


Water is the most important elements to maintain the body moisturizing, milk is also a healthy choice. Besides, fruit juice can be added to the food box. But be careful not to give sugary drinks or energy drinks to your children, it is the wrong eating habits that may be used to the child during the early age.

Fast Snack

Children prefer to eat snacks, so prepare a healthy snack that provides your child with energy while avoiding preservatives and chemical additives. Dried fruits, nuts, popcorn, or biscuits are all healthy options you can use.

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