How do you get rid of menstrual pain and associated bleeding?

Many women and girls suffer from menstrual pain that is sometimes intolerable, and excessive use of painkillers can lead to many health problems.

The menstrual cycle may be accompanied by bleeding, which causes anxiety, especially in girls. Bleeding may be due to pathological reasons such as hormonal disorders, uterine problems, kidney or liver problems, thyroid disorders, or unsatisfactory causes.

You can get rid of menstrual pain and bleeding (unsatisfactory) in natural ways and avoid the harmful effects of analgesics.

Cinnamon Drink:

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful anti-bleeding, and preferably a cup of cinnamon 3 times a day in cases of severe bleeding.

Put a cup of cinnamon in a cup of boiling water and cover for 5 minutes and then take it warm.

Ginger Drink:

In a study at the University of Maryland found that eating ginger during the menstrual cycle significantly reduces pain. Add a slice of fresh ginger or a teaspoon of ginger powder to a cup of boiled water and cover for 5 minutes and drink warm.

Stay warm:

Try to stay warm during your period, you can use a bottle of hot water, work hot compresses, or take a hot bath. Heat helps to reduce cramps and stretch muscles, which reduces pain significantly.

Avoid caffeine:

Avoid coffee, tea, chocolates and soft drinks. These foods and drinks increase contractions and cause tension during the session, preferably replaced with mint or decaffeinated coffee.

Whale liver oil capsules:

The whale liver capsules contain Vitamin K, which helps to stop the bleeding, and the whale liver oil capsules help eliminate the pain associated with the cycle.

Eating nuts:

Nuts contain a high percentage of magnesium that helps to relax the muscles and reduce contractions. So you can eat nuts as snacks to avoid feeling pain.

Taking vitamin A:

Taking vitamin A capsules helps you reduce menstrual bleeding, consult your doctor to use vitamin A to reduce bleeding.

Foods rich in potassium:

Potassium deficiency causes menstrual disorders, bleeding and increased pain. You can eat foods rich in potassium before the menstrual cycle several days and while descending to reduce the pain and these foods: bananas, potatoes, lentils, salmon, yogurt, raisins.

Follow these tips to get rid of menstrual pain and associated bleeding in natural ways.

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