How do you care about your child who is infected with jaundice

Psoriasis or chickenpox affects about 95% of children. Some mothers do not know what is chickenpox. Some people have a surprise that some pimples and red marks appear on the baby’s skin. 24 hours after the child is infected and the blisters are red and filled with transparent white fluid.

What is chickenpox?

Vesicular pox affects children once and causes the appearance of rash on the whole body of the scalp of the head to the two legs as it moves from the infected child to another child as a result of breathing or skin contact, and usually waterpox once in the child and may appear in puberty again but in In a few cases, the child with the chickenpox is very high in the temperature and weakness of the body and then the appearance of some pimples that contain transparent fluid, and the child suffers during the injury of jaundice weak appetite, which may cause rapid loss of weight, and recovering from the patient on the same after a cycle The ferris extends for about a week.

How to take care of your injured calf

The mother must know that the child’s injury is not serious but it should increase the attention to the child with the chicken. “Your health today” gives you some tips and advice to help your child with the chicken virus.

Your child should be isolated from the rest of the children who have not been infected with alopecia and do not go to school.

Pay attention to child nutrition, especially fluids, to compensate for the deficiency of the body

Paint the child’s body with clamin, which prevents the child from rubbing pimples and peeling.

Give the child analgesics and hypothermia every 6 hours to keep the temperature in normal condition

The mother must wear baby clothes before washing them daily to prevent enemy transmission and eliminate the virus.

The child’s mattress should be exposed to sunlight on a daily basis to eliminate the virus

If you are pregnant you must stay away from the child so that the chickenpox does not affect the pregnancy and you are at risk.

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