How do anime qualities of masculinity in my child?!

Living conditions may require the presence of the father often and sometimes always outside the home, and here we find that the burden of education is greater on the mother, and we find that the nature of the mother and the surrounding female world is the biggest challenge in the education of the male child, we want to establish a healthy psychological male, That the boy will find himself integrated into the community of women and feel alienation among men, God forbid.

Just let us put forward some suggestions that may greatly help us to develop masculine classifications in our child and to take the risks of raising a boy (female).

Choose the clothes and colors of my child in proportion to his gender

Many mothers do not find it difficult to wear their children’s boy clothes sisters, especially girls at home to save for the purchase of new clothes, for example, and sometimes things come to find him wearing a sleeping shirt or pocket girls at home and this fact I actually saw a visit to one of my colleagues at work !!

We do not just grow in the child, it is male, but we must also return ourselves to the male , so choose the appropriate clothes and colors for males and avoid as much as possible explicit girls’ colors, clothing with karnish and shiny and wearing gilded or putting nail polish as a tradition for his sisters.

The difference between the boy and the girl

At the beginning of the stage of assimilation play with his game: You are born and I am a girl , and I said to him: You were born like who? Such as your father, Khalk, your cousin and your friend so in kindergarten, I am a girl like who? Such as your grandmother, your daughter’s daughter, and the girl who is in the nursery, and of course for his age, the difference will be the simplest expression that the girls wear the rings and their hair is long, but the boys do not wear the rings and their hair is short.

Tighten it with the tools of men at home

If you do not like your clothes, do not suit him because he is a boy. He can not use your own cosmetics, clothes or jewelry, but on the other hand, you should give him the best clothes that you can fit. He has a cap for his head and a child’s perfume and a homemade head shaver. Because they are boys and you are a girl.

And invite him eager to grow up and become a man, for example you can tell him: When you grow up the hair will grow in your brain like your father and I will buy you a shaver for you alone, and it is also possible to play the razor and put shaving cream on his face and Tgslh and will be very happy with these games.

Encourage him to choose the cartoon character to be liked by his male qualities

At the age of three years, the child is concerned with a cartoon character he loves and likes to buy her posters and toys and sometimes when he plays: Encourage him to be a male character, such as Spider Man and Cartoon Cars. For instance, do not encourage him to be a Barbie or Hannah Montana “.

He has a male community

Avoid being confined to women’s sessions with your friends, the right place is between males and not in the gossip and complaints from couples.

You can, for example, involve him in a game in the club or play the ball in the street if he is safe or even playing with the sons of your girlfriends in the house of one of them.

On Friday, for example, he would wear his prayer gown and go down with his father to pray in the mosque in the middle of the men.

Finally: Remember yourself that it is male!

Teach your values ​​and your ethics and leave him the space of expression in his own way, not in your style and emotions, not your emotions.

For example, when you go through a problem, do not hesitate to not cry as I did. He wants to express his sadness by maintaining the masculine tradition of expressing grief. It is possible that his grief is doubly trying to take the appropriate male form . His sense is not true. He was surprised at the stages of his adolescence in strange terms in his conversation with his friends or that the way to play with his friends roughness, do not try to fine tune it as long as it does not exceed the limits of literature and public morals … And you now remember: he was born and you daughter.

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