How cream works to get rid of body cracks during pregnancy

Skin fractures in the abdomen and buttocks during pregnancy or margarine, and weight gain or friction because of pain in women, where the skin layer tissue is cracked and the links between them and change color to white or red lines .

Skin cracks or white lines can be easily eliminated by the work of a home cream provided by beauty expert Maha Awad

Cream for the treatment of abdominal cracks and buttocks

Ingredients :

15 ml Barley oil 
15 ml Tea oil 
15 ml Fat oil 
10 ml Distilled water 
3 ml Water rose 
15 grams Honey beeswax 
3 ml Wheat germ oil 
Vitamin E 
capsule Vitamin A capsule

The way to work

– Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then placed over a bowl of boiling water (water bath) to dissolve the ingredients and homogenize with the volatility until the mixture completely homogenized

– Remove the container from (water bath) and then pour the mixture in an empty cream container and clean and leave until cool completely

– The container is placed in the refrigerator for a day and then used daily

How to use

Apply cream on the areas of skin cracks daily in the morning and evening in the area of ​​buttocks, abdomen and legs until the areas return to vitality and the cracks disappear seriously over time.

Maha points out that the ingredients of the cream can be obtained from Atallah, but vitamin capsules are sold in pharmacies and the cream is valid for two weeks where it does not contain any preservatives with the need to keep in the refrigerator during that period.

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