How can vaginal secretions be treated?

I was told by a reader that I was a 24 year old girl who was not married and had severe white discharge. Previously she changed to yellow or blue, and now she does not change, just be rigid, with itching but not severe, Because I am embarrassed about this, and I am afraid that these secretions affect the uterus; because I am about to marry, and I am afraid that infertility will cause me or anything else. What can I do to get rid of these secretions?

This question is answered by Dr. George Joaquim, Consultant Gynecologist and obstetrician, saying: Vaginal secretions, like all infections that affect the body and become frequent in the case of untreated properly and often the girl suffers from infections caused by fungal infection and treatment is not using one type of For a long time, but first have to change the type and the use of other treatments beside it, such as antibiotic tablets for fungus and taken orally and the use of antibacterial paint externally located outside.

Taking care of the personal cleanliness and dryness of the area and wear cotton clothes and is advised to remove the hair constantly so that there is no center for the growth and growth of these fungi.

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