How can the vagina be kept clean?

The vagina is one of the most important genital organs of women and infection of the vagina causes many pain and harassment of women, and inside the vagina are types of bacteria that secrete disinfectant materials for the vagina constantly and protect the vagina from infection with harmful microbes, how can maintain the cleanliness of vagina and genital organs of women?

In the next article we will learn about the most important personal tips to take care of the intimate area easily and effortlessly.

– Perform a special exercise pelvic floor muscles on a daily basis, that women reduce the muscles of the basin and then relax again.

– Use daily sanitary towels and must be made of cotton to absorb any secretions or sweating, and must be disposed of at the end of the day

– Wear comfortable underwear

– A healthy balanced diet

– Clean the vagina after you have finished urinating with water, from front to back to prevent the spread of bacteria.

– Preferably from time to time not to wear panties at the immortality of sleep or while sitting at home, to provide good ventilation of the vagina, and the lack of moisture and thus prevent the growth of bacteria.

– Make vaginal lotion from time to time, using a medical bandage wet with water and drops of disinfectant.

– Avoid wearing trousers or tight pants.

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