How can snacks make a difference?

Sugar-free banana bread, potato potato crisps or so-called energy balls – small balls made of dried fruit, nuts and cocoa – all of this and more is part of the industry of healthy snacks. Nutritionist Dagmar von Karam explains: “A healthy word means the usefulness of ingredients. Most of the time there is no added sugar. Instead, the sweetness comes from dried fruits and honey.”

Its favorite snack is dried fruit. “It contains fibers that most people do not eat enough of. Then the minerals that are present in the fruit, and the pure sugar has none of this. “

So these snacks provide us with important nutrients and are not as low in calories as they are often with other desserts. Keep in mind that snacks should not be eaten all the time.

“Products with dried fruits often contain lots of calories,” says von Karam. It makes sense to get energy balls or pieces while you are out of the house instead of buying baked goods. But if you take these things between meals all the time, you notice an increase in the buttocks. “

You should also review the sugar content of these products especially if taken from a store. “I would expect sugar content to be less than 25 grams per 100 grams,” says von Karam.

The best thing to do is prepare healthy snacks yourself, because you will have full control over their contents.

If you prefer sweet salty snacks, there are a lot of healthy crunchy options in most stores, made of potato, beet or curried cabbage. But are they really better than traditional potato chips?

Again, it depends on how they are prepared. The problem is not in potatoes but in crisps. It’s bad because it’s fried. So if potato or beetle crisps are fried they will hardly make a difference.

But they also contain more useful fibers for your digestive system, and therefore beneficial to overall health. Snacks with alternative sweeteners are better for your skin.

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