How can I encourage my husband to take responsibility for my child?

Many wives complain about the absence of the husband’s role in taking responsibility for the child, especially the first child. The complaint may increase the mother’s feeling that the father does not care about the child or the father refuses the child. Sometimes the father refuses to accept her and her child. Things change and how love stories end

The answer lies in the concept of marriage between the two parties from the beginning and how to adapt each party to the reality of responsibility, we find the prevalence of this problem between young couples or marriages that arise from the stories of love, the pre-marriage, during which the parties talk only about themselves and how to fight and fight for love And they stay together and talk about having children is a very minor talk. Sometimes they even discuss the idea of ​​the existence of children, as if their struggle with life ends with the end of the films by the hero’s marriage of the heroine and the end … On the contrary, traditional marriages are more realistic, And There are children ready myself and plan a timetable for this responsibility

The woman’s sense of motherhood is born early and only needs to grow while the feelings of parenthood begin with her birth. The birth of the first child and its time to grow and mature and complete .. And mother and child patience !!!

And here we recall some ideas that may help the mother by the father in the birth of the passion of fatherhood and his sense of his child and thus help and participate in raising the child

I only care about two very important points: before and after

Before asking for help or participation: choose the right time so your husband is comfortable psychologically and physically so that you do not feel that you add a burden on his burdens and above his worries 
after the participation must be a lot of thanks and happiness by being beside you and emphasize the importance in your life and the life of your child and need him

Bdoy planting paternity relationship between the father and the fetus before birth:

Involve your husband in choosing the baby’s clothes and stone and dope and his name, of course, his 
partners in going with you to follow your pregnancy, especially when you do the sonar to know the type of fetus make 
your husband feel the movement of the child to put his hand on your belly place of movement

Do not exercise the role of expert on your husband after birth:

Do not criticize the way your husband treats the child, and let him express his suggestions and experiences, but if you do not know him, you also do not experience you .. They shared the discovery of how to deal with this beautiful little object

Child’s attitudes to feelings:

The boy drew his attention to this small smile that the young man gave to his father in absentia, and his hand, which was applied to his finger for a moment, or how the young man stopped crying this time when his father carried him, and how the words of simple pampering delighted the young or gave him a new game by himself

Translated to the child Father’s feelings to positions:

How does his father love him and buy him a game he wants 
how he likes to see him beautiful and take him to the barber 
how he takes pride in taking him when visiting his friend

Make the time of the father sitting with his son Fun fun time:

Do not push the child to his father, who is tired or once he returns from work, give 
them the fashar and the mugs, and save them an electronic game of participation games or television show, join together to watch it, 
take pictures of them in funny situations and during the time of beautiful times and print it and clear the house with their memories together and do not forget yourself with them of course

Make sure you are successful in attracting your husband in your child’s first life as you will find in your next child’s life and will share his parental sense of not asking you to participate.

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