How can I avoid fatigue in pregnancy?

The feeling of fatigue, fatigue and persistent desire to sleep frequently are common symptoms of pregnancy and often appear frequently during the first months of pregnancy as a result of increased amount of hormone “Progesterone” which causes fatigue and fatigue and increased desire to sleep, in addition to the body increases the amount of blood that carries Food for the fetus increases the work of the heart and organs.

In order to overcome fatigue and fatigue in pregnancy, “Your health today” offers the most important tips to help you avoid fatigue and fatigue during pregnancy:

Tips to overcome fatigue and fatigue of pregnancy

  1. Take care to sleep early with the regularity of sleep and gold for the mattress as soon as feeling tired, especially during the first months of pregnancy with no pressure on the self for the purpose of waking up for long periods.
  2. Practice some relaxation and meditation exercises that help to improve mood and reduce the feeling of muscle and psychological effort
  3. Drink enough fluids during the day and not drink water before sleeping for two hours so that you do not get sleepy for gold for bath.
  4. Take care to eat meals rich in beneficial elements and vitamins, especially vegetables and fruits.
  5. Ask for help from the husband to do the exhausting housework and avoid doing it.

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