How can constipation be treated in pregnancy?

Constipation during the period of pregnancy causes a lot of stress to the pregnant woman. The cause of constipation during pregnancy is the result of pressure of the uterine muscles on the intestines. The bowel movement decreases with the hormonal changes as well as the type of nutrition during pregnancy. Many pregnant women drown the food, not the quality. In pregnancy? Is it safe to get pregnant? .. Follow the tips of “your health today” simple steps to avoid frequent pregnancy constipation easily.

– the treatment of constipation is to drink plenty of fluids Fimmenk drinking two cups of fresh fruit juice daily , such as apple juice and peach juice understanding of the best drinks that removes constipation in pregnancy, but Do not add sugar to them so as not to increase blood sugar Vtsaby gestational diabetes.

– Also drink plenty of water a day, the body needs water to carry out vital processes and also water helps to facilitate the movement of food inside the intestines, which reduces the incidence of constipation in pregnancy.

– Eating more fiber is a healthy pregnancy, and one of the richest sources of fiber is fruit and vegetables. You can eat fruit pieces as they are or fruit salad and put all the fruit you like without fear. 
The replacement of plain bread with wholemeal bread or whole grain bread is a rich source of fiber and vitamins that will benefit you in pregnancy.

– Eat a cup of yogurt a day before sleeping it helps to easily digest the food and facilitate bowel movement, you can eat Zubadh alone or add fresh cut fruit such as peaches, apples and strawberries to be rich meal dinner necessary vitamins and also Trag of constipation frequent pregnancies .

– Do some exercises allowed in pregnancy after consultation with the doctor.

– Do not take drugs to treat other constipation in pregnancy, most of them are not safe in pregnancy and consult your doctor before taking any medication in pregnancy.

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