How can children be kept fit?

How do you help your children maintain their weight and get rid of excess weight without being forced to follow a diet? Here are some simple adjustments you can make to your lifestyle:

1 – help your children to drink during the meal, it takes about 20 minutes. So we recommend you to sit with them during their meals, and to share food and talk. Explain to them how important it is to chew well every bite and take their time to eat.

2. Sleep more weight less: Make sure that your children early to sleep, studies have shown that those who get an extra hour of sleep at night can lose weight in excess of a year to be a pattern of eating naturally.

3 – make the soup a semi-permanent element on your travel. Eating the soup at the beginning of the meal fills the stomach of our young and helps them feel fuller faster, eating less than usual. The vegetable soup remains the best choice, but there are also other options like lentil soup, tomato or chicken. Avoid the soup that contains the cream, containing more fatty substances and calories.

4. Instead of giving your children regular pizza, bring them the “healthy” pizza: a vegetarian pizza that does not contain meat. The cheese in this pizza is low fat cheese, and its thin dough is prepared with a very small amount of olive oil.

5. Make sure your children eat most of their meals at home, not in restaurants. Studies have shown that those who follow a diet based on meals prepared at home more graceful than others.

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