How can a mother wean her baby easily

Weaning children is one of the most difficult stages of the mother, especially with the first child as a result of her attachment to the child and her success at the end. We advise the doctor not to weaning the childcompletely before the age of two years so as not to affect the feelings of the child and also to continue feeding the antibodies that benefit in his life from Breast milk. Many mothers ask about weaning the right children? And how to overcome the weaning phase safely and not affected by the child.

Dr. Magda, a professor of gynecology and obstetrics, said that the weaning phase of children is a crucial part of a child’s life, where the mother’s milk is dispensed with and the sources of external food are used. Many mothers have come to suddenly wean the baby by preventing breastfeeding or prickliness, which is a big mistake, causing many psychological problems for the child later on.

The mother should begin gradually weaning the child after a year and then prepare to wean the child when the two years, and to be weaning the child in a correct way advises Dr. Magda four steps are:

The first step of weaning the child: reduce the doses

The mother should reduce the number of nurseries for the child so that the child understands a little and recognizes that and here the mother must be more decisive and do not respond to the child’s swings, whether to breastfeed or give the babron until the child gets used to deciding things.

The second step of weaning the child: Prevent breastfeeding before bedtime

Lactation before bedtime is considered as a hypnotic for the child and may be relieved from any other breast feeding until he sleeps. The stepmother must stop breastfeeding before bedtime and change the child’s habits. For example, she can get the baby to have a warm bath before bedtime, sing or die before bedtime so that the baby will be able to give birth before bedtime.

The third step of weaning the child: Hanan mother

The mother should include her child to her chest a lot and play with him and feel tenderness so as not to miss the abandonment of breastfeeding and should not be removed from the child at that stage so as not to cause psychological pressure on the child.

Step 4 Weaning the child: Do not change the taste of the breast

Dr. Magda advises that the mother should refrain from putting some material on the breast to change breast taste, saying that most children continue to breastfeed despite the bitter taste and sometimes get used to it.

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