Hot bath effect on the rack

The warm bath has a calming effect on the muscles of the body and helps relax, but does the hot bath have the same effect or what are the hot bath warnings on the rack.

You should be careful about the “hot” baths because we do not know much about their potential impact on blood flowing through the placenta or on the fetus. Very hot water can lead to dizziness or nausea, because it can significantly reduce blood pressure – which is not desirable.

How do you determine if your bathroom is “hot” or “warm”?

Test the heat of the water by using the elbow or front before you take the bathtub, just as you do when you shower your baby, because this part of your skin is more sensitive than your feet or hands to the heat. The warm comfortable bathroom should be covered directly in it without the need to troy or get off gradually! A very hot bath may affect the color of your skin, which turns to redness and you may find that you are sweating sweat, and you should be careful not to sit in the bath after the eighth month because the emergence of the abdomen in late pregnancy hinders your sitting and up.

Bathing is also recommended before bedtime, which helps to relax

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