Honey is the best food for pregnant women

Honey is one of the best foods that can be used during pregnancy for pregnant women because it contains very important foods for the development of the fetus.

If we take the vomiting of pregnancy, nausea and dizziness associated with pregnancy in its first months, we find that three tablespoons of honey when waking up pregnant woman in the morning and before her descent from the bed guarantees her days without problems.

After that constipation, which most pregnant women complain, we find that eating honey two or three times a day ensures an improvement in the condition of the digestive system in addition to the burning stomach as most people call it, where honey was found to be a successful treatment for this complaint that abounds during pregnancy In particular.

In addition, eating two or three tablespoons of honey before sleeping ensures that the pregnant woman has a quiet sleep.

It is also known that dental pain and gums increase during pregnancy, and found that the use of honey bee food, as well as medicines that prevent the disorders of teeth and gums during pregnancy. As for birth, and through research conducted in China, it was found that honey is used as a material for induction of childbirth, and explain this phenomenon in the fact that honey contains prostaglandin and this material of the substances that increase the effectiveness of contractions of the uterus

Honey also contains a wide range of vitamins needed by pregnant women and their lack of serious 

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