Home remedies for toothache

Many suffer from the problem of pain and aches of different teeth, which increase the feeling of nervousness and tension, and in the following article we know the most effective mixtures for the treatment of painful toothaches to enjoy healthy teeth and problems free

Oral hygiene

Make sure you clean your teeth on a daily basis after eating basic meals or eating sweets using a good toothpaste and a soft bristle brush so that it does not hurt your gums. Use some mouthwash disinfectants available in pharmacies to enjoy healthy, problem-free teeth. Gums and teeth pain.


Clove is one of the most famous aromatic herbs that have been associated since ancient times in the treatment of various dental problems. A small amount of cloves are grinded and placed next to the age that causes the pain. If you suffer from cavities and caries you can put the clove powder in the place of decay to permanently eliminate the pain and make the mouth smell bright.

Natural Oils Mix

Natural oil blend has proven its ability to treat gum problems and eliminate infections in its early and advanced stages. This makes some natural oils a key element in the manufacture of medicines for the treatment of various dental problems . To prepare the natural oil mixture mix a little sesame oil, sunflower oil and tea tree oil And a small amount of olive oil and some drops of lemon juice, and after mixing all the ingredients in a suitable container, nationalize the gums or affected area by mixing with methods, but a finger from the fingers of your hands after washing well with the mixture of oils and then massage the affected area to ensure the arrival of oils Natural to the gums skin.

Warm water and salt

One of the most ancient and proven ways to get rid of tooth pain is rinsing using warm water and salt. Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in 1/2 cup of warm water and use a salt solution in the rinse, where salt works to relieve swelling of teeth and eliminate decaying bacteria and bad breath.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea can be used as an excellent treatment for gum pain, so that chamomile can effectively relieve and treat the pains of pleasure. This makes chamomile essential to the manufacture of some types of toothpaste. Eat a cup of chamomile tea daily to treat gingivitis and kill the bacteria that cause it. the pain.


Sprinkle a piece of fresh ginger and place in place for several minutes. Ginger contains natural antibiotics that eliminate bacteria causing tooth decay. Gingerbread can be used every day to freshen up the smell of the mouth and get rid of pain.

Mint leaves

The use of a small handful of fresh mint leaves helps greatly in the elimination of dental pain, as the mint contains the nerve-stimulating menthol and analgesic.

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