High cholesterol after Christmas

Large amounts of high-fat Christmas foods appear to have raised Danish levels . Cholesterol levels rose immediately after the Christmas holiday for the summer season by 20%. This came in a new study by researchers from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Copenhagen University Hospital and the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

It is likely that all these amounts of butter and cream used in Christmas foods will raise the levels of cholesterol more than imagined so far.

In a new study involving 25,000 Danes, researchers found that cholesterol levels after Christmas break were 20 percent higher than in the summer, the Science Daily reported.

Nine out of 10 participants in the so-called Copenhagen General Study found that they had high cholesterol after Christmas.

People with high cholesterol may already have to be more careful about their cholesterol levels during Christmas holidays.

High cholesterol makes one more susceptible to heart attack and stroke, the two most common causes of death worldwide.

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