Here are some foods that enhance the sense of satiety

Hunger is a natural thing that happens to each of us with our efforts and refrain from eating and drinking for a few hours because of work and other reasons we feel the desire to eat and drink and there are some foods that give them a sense of fullness but does not give any benefits or values Food and there are foods with benefits and nutritional values, but not enough to meet hunger.

Breakfast :

Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day, which is determined by the amount of food that will be accepted by the person to eat in the rest of the meals and will need to eat or not, so this meal must contain a range of foods that block hunger and give access All the nutrients he needs.

So we offer you a range of foods that enhance your sense of fullness for a long time to eat at your breakfast:

eggs :

One of the most recommended health foods is to fill your stomach and make you not hungry for a long time. Some research studies have found that people who eat eggs at breakfast eat less calories in other diets and eat less Of the foods in the next 36 hours and eggs is one of the most important sources of protein is full and it contains a group of amino acids, which makes it a great way to help you to lose your body weight and maintain your weight of the current increase.


It contains up to 25 nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, H, K, Cu, M, and K, as well as protein and fiber, and a group of chemicals that protect the body from several diseases and health problems and has a large amount of Fat makes you feel full and full for a long time.


One of the most important healthy foods that gives you a sense of fullness and eliminate hunger for a long time, but due to the number of high calories you should eat them moderately so as to avoid the weight of your body and nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and camel’s eye.


It can be taken instead of sweets because of the low calorie content, as well as a large amount of water and fiber, which helps make you feel full and full for a long time and gives the body multiple benefits, including its contribution to weight loss.


Is one of the most important sources of fiber and it contributes effectively to decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood and has several important elements, including folic acid, zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin E and because it gives you a sense of satiety lasts for long hours is recommended to add a cup of skimmed milk or To yogurt with berries.


Contains a large percentage of protein and carbohydrates, which helps in feeling full and prevents you from hunger for a long time, including the most beans, lentils and chickpeas.

Instead of eating non-useful foods to eliminate your feeling of fullness, use any food from the previous list. It will give you health benefits and eliminate your sense of hunger.

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