Herbs to treat influenza flu and cold in children

The treatment of colds in children is an herbal alternative to drugs and medicines, and the herb is very effective in the treatment of cold in children, and the site of your health today the best herbs that treatcolds and colds in children .

Herbs to treat colds in children


Peppermint is often used to treat cold symptoms, known for its antiviral properties, fungi and viruses. Peppermint leaves can be placed in a cup of tea to help fight colds.

Peppermint oil, a concentrated extract, can be placed directly on the tongue or wiped on the wrists or under the nose to reduce obstruction and congestion.


Marjoram leaves or wild marjoram are a type of oregane and are effective in reducing cold symptoms.

It is known for marjoram leaves as it works to combat congestion and remove phlegm effectively, and hence they treat inflammation of the throat and cough, sinusitis and nasal congestion.

It also dissolves phlegm and removes it from the inside of the lungs and nose.

To get the benefits of marjoram, you should soak it in hot water or use it as herbal tea.


Camomile is often used in homes in the Middle East, where chamomile is known for its aromatic aromatic aromas and is effective in reducing the discomfort caused by colds and flu.

Chamomile tea can be very effective for your child, and it is important to avoid it if the child senses a spring flower that may increase asthma symptoms.


Basil is an aromatic herb of the same family as mint. Rice leaves and oils are known to reduce the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, helping to stop the spread of colds or flu.

The inhalation of basil is ideal for healing the obstruction of the nose and sinuses, and this is done by placing the leaves of basil or basil oil in a cup of hot water. Your child can breathe in the vapors without getting too close to the surface of the water.

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