Herbs for the treatment of pain associated with the menstrual cycle

The pain associated with the menstrual cycle is the most disturbing of the elite of women before the arrival of the menstrual cycle , where the girl feels a lot of pain, and the menstrual cycle every 22-32 days at the age of the girl, and the symptoms of the menstrual cycle from one girl to another, but the most common symptoms continue to fluctuate Mood, feeling of colic in the lower abdomen, menstrual bleeding, poor mental state, bloating, low back pain, stomach cramps and vaginal odor change.

Factors that may increase the pain associated with the menstrual cycle

  1. Weight gain and obesity cause menstrual disorders and may cause early menopause.
  2. The genetic factor and environmental genes of the girl affect the ability of the girl to overcome the menstrual cycle and symptoms
  3. Use of certain drugs, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Home remedies for pain relief associated with menstrual cycle

Water : Drinking plenty of water daily reduces dehydration, which reduces the secretion of the hormone vasopressin, which contributes to the contractions associated with the cycle.

Acidic fruits : Orange, mandarin, lemon and grapefruit as a result of containing vitamin C, any of which helps to improve the absorption of iron, which exhaustively depleted during the menstrual cycle.

Plum : Contains a high percentage of iron important for the formation of red blood cells to overcome the stage of severe bleeding.

Red meat : It contains high levels of iron and zinc. Zinc is essential for bone health and zinc deficiency of the body may cause premature ejaculation.

Cinnamon : Cinnamon is a popular herbal remedy for the elimination of menstrual pain and reduces the incidence of contractions and advised to drink two cups a day during the session.

Aromatic herbs : such as fennel, peppermint and anise, which contain volatile oils that have anti-contractile properties relieve colic pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

Basil and Thyme Both contain an acid called (kefic acid) and this acid has properties of analgesic pain. You can add basil or thyme to your meals, and add either to boiled water and herbal tea.

Tips to get past your period without pain

– The continuous exercise of sports activity to improve blood circulation and performance of muscles and the elimination of prostaglandin hormone that causes the symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

– Regularity of sleep schedules and get enough rest with the extension of your back with bending your knees this helps to get rid of cramps and colic.

– Try to stay warm all the time. Warming helps get rid of cramps.

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