Healthy food for strong teeth for your baby

Strong teeth of caries protected the dream of each mother of her child, and in order to achieve them to provide a balanced diet for her child as it has a lot of some foods that strengthen the enamel of teeth andworks to maintain the gums, including:

1 – Cheese : Not only calcium is useful for the teeth, but the phosphate in the cheese sold on the equation of acidity in your child ‘s mouth, making the mouth clean free of bacteria that may occur tooth decay.

Method of presentation: Cut the cheese in the form of cubes and put the toothpaste, or its partners on the strawberry sandwich and strawberry or any fruit loved by your child.

2 – sweet potatoes : characterized by a large proportion of vitamin e)), which is responsible for strengthening the enamel of teeth, and sugar is found in natural, giving them a taste of children.

Method of serving: You can make bread or cake of potatoes, and can be mashed potatoes after boiling and add any useful vegetables.

3 – Oranges : Of the most fruits rich in vitamin (C) Also in kiwi, strawberries and mango, and sugar in these fruits is very low, which reduces the chances of tooth decay, and vitamin C helps to maintain the health of the gums and protects against inflammation of the gums.

Presentation: Orange cloves (with seeds removed) and the size of the lobe are ideal for your child’s hand. Or you can give your child small cubes of strawberries and mangoes as you can add strawberries to yogurt as a cool drink.

4 – Cranberry : Some of the compounds found in the berries to cover your child’s teeth with a substance Ctiflun prevent the adhesion of sugar, which reduces the chances of the spread of bacteria causing decay and makes the teeth stronger.

Method of presentation: Give your child in the morning a slice of bread or muffin a quantity of fresh berries, and do not use dried berries or any dried fruit because it is loaded with a large amount of sugar may cause caries of your child’s teeth.

5 – Apple : It is called tooth disinfectant is according to medical studies the best washing of your child’s mouth after chocolate or any food with sugars, and the apple is a natural toothbrush accurate cleaning teeth and gums naturally from any bacteria, and renew apples eat saliva that destroys the bacteria Causing decay.

Directions: Crunchy foods such as apples and carrots may cause choking hazard. For children under 3 years of age, you can cut it into small, half-inch slices.

6. Water : Most children do not choose water if they are chosen among drinks, but water is a key part of any healthy dental diet. Unlike juice or milk, there are no sugars to cause cavities, and they are used to rinse the mouth of food particles trapped between these small helicopters. Tap water contains fluoride and mineral salts that enhance tooth enamel.

How to apply: Try putting water in a neat cup or on it your baby likes, and if it does not accept it my feet have a mixture of plain water with a soft water giving the flavor or with a very small amount of juice.

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