Healthy diet in Ramadan

We learned from the young that the wisdom behind fasting the month of Ramadan is the feeling of the poor and needy who may not find food most of the year, as we learned that the purpose of family visits is the connection of the uterus and seeing relatives and friends and exchange mercy and affection and with the approach of Ramadan, Although Ramadan is a great opportunity to lose weight due to the fast hours of the day, the exchange of visits during the holy month may lead to the exact opposite because everyone competed in preparing the largest tables and the numbers of various types Of the juices and candies to be frank will not work If you want to lose your weight, we tried hard to prepare a healthy diet for the entire month of Ramadan, which ensures that it will cause a healthy loss of weight without deprivation or hunger or any health damage. Only rules are set and you decide only to follow them.

First: The time of the adhaan

Here are several choices to change as you like to avoid the boredom of eating the same foods repeatedly and during dieting. In our choices, we do not have solid food, most of which consist of fluids to prepare the stomach for work. After a long fasting period so it is best to start with light fluids until the stomach is alerted to begin the digestion process, and your choices include the following:1 cup milk free cream + three dates 2 cups fresh fruit juice + six almonds3 – dish free cream soup (You can select only one item from the previous items)

Second, the main meal 

You should wait at least an hour after the adhaan before you start eating the main meal for the reason we mentioned. We do not want to strain the stomach after a long period of fasting. The main meal is taken into account with the three nutrients that the body needs (protein – carbohydrates – fat) To give your body all the needs it needs to work efficiently until the next day and includes the following options:1- Carbohydrates (5 tbsp rice – 5 macaroni sticks – potato grain) boiled without oil 2-protein (chest of fruhe – two pieces of bunny – red meat pieces – fish – 8 shrimps) boiled or grilled3 – fat (spoon olive oil) (canceled in the case of eating fish) 4 – vitamins and minerals (salad dish – vegetable vegetable dish) without oil without salt (You must select a category from each of the above items (carbohydrates – protein – fat – vitamins and minerals), you can dispense with carbohydrates in some days if you want faster loss of weight)

Third: Snacks 

After the main meal and before the suhur at the time that suits you, the main purpose of the snakes is to fill the hunger and keep feeling full for a long time so that hunger does not make you make bad choices like eating sweets or drinking juices or eating another meal before suhoor, You can, however, prevent yourself from eating at that time, especially sweets, and stick as much as possible to the available snakes, which include the following options:1 – two sweet fruits of your choice (watermelon Mesh bean fruit plush advice) 2 – 12 almonds (if you do not eat it in the first meal) 3 – large salad dish 
4 – cup fresh juice 
5 – cube Dark chocolate + cup coffee masters(You can select only one item from the previous items)

Fourth: the suhoor meal

This is the last meal in your day before long fasting, so you should think carefully about what to eat in the meal. Without feeling tired or tired, and includes the choices of the meal Suhur:1 – 2 boiled eggs or 5 pieces of beans or pieces of Quraish cheese or a packet of light yogurt or a cup of white light) 

(4) oatmeal or 2 slices of toasted brown or one quarter or two loaves of bread  (you have to choose one item from each of the previous brackets)

– General advice to follow 

– Drink plenty of water between breakfast and suhur gradually to keep your body moist and avoid feeling dry during fasting, so you should drink at least two liters of water, remember to drink water gradually and not once on the suhoor.

– Avoid at all and repeat at all the juices or sweets manufactured at the time of the adhaan, the last thing you need after the long fasting period is to eat a lot of added sugar, it will lead to raise the level of insulin in your body to hysterical rates and then reduced after entering the body in The case of fat storage, this of course other than the high calorie contained in those juices.

If you can not exercise after the main meal for at least two hours, try to include a lot of daily exercise (cardio), which allows to increase your heart rate and thus increase the rate of fat burning

– You can take 2 cups of green tea a day to increase the burning rate, you may hear a lot about what is the best time to drink green tea, but you can drink when you like will lead to the same results.

– If you eat hot spices you can use instead of salt, it will not only keep you away from salt damage, but it can help you lose weight as you can increase the burning rate for a short time after eating.

– If you can not resist sweets, you can eat a piece of sweets instead of Snacks, but do not do so daily, this candy does not bring to good in any way.

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