Health problems in pregnant women

Pregnancy is a dream for every woman. By nature, women want to have children and become mothers, but pregnancy has many negative effects. Most of them disappear after birth, but their effects remain disturbing to women.

The health problems facing women during pregnancy include:


The result of pregnancy hormones that cause skin exposure to drought and the skin is stretched and exposed to stress as large as the size of the child in the uterus and these two causes cause the woman severe itching and to reduce the abdominal fat can be nourished after bathing and many times during the day and the itching will not go away Only after a few months of itself so try patience as much as you can and seek to reduce it so as not to expose your skin to the emergence of signs of expansion.

Bleeding of the gums and nose:

It often appears at the beginning of pregnancy and is called pink toothbrush syndrome. It occurs because of changes in hormones that cause increased blood flow to the mouth and nasal passages.

concupiscence :

Many women increase their desire to exercise intimacy during pregnancy and this also occurs as a result of changes in hormones and the majority of the reasons for this psychological offer because women like to feel that it is still desirable despite the changes that occur in her body is in any case a good thing during pregnancy But the initial precautions must be taken and there is no validity in the statement that confirms that sex harms the health of the fetus in the womb of his mother.

Dreams and nightmares:

Many women dream of things related to pregnancy and childbirth. In most cases, these dreams are disturbing to the point of nightmares, such as strangling or dumping her child. These dreams are normal, however, and they often disturb the mother and do not discuss them so as not to be criticized or afraid. From her image to others.

Early milk secretion:

In fact, this is not surprising. Many women may begin to secrete milk for a third of the second pregnancy, which causes elevated levels of prolactin in the blood. Some of the habits that lead to it include bathing in hot water and exposure to hot hair dryers. To avoid this too much, you can clean your breasts with pieces of cloth.

Fatigue and tiredness :

Fatigue appears in many women in the first trimester. Therefore, women should reduce their efforts because the fetus grows and develops within it. It also occurs in some women in the third trimester, which is normal due to flatulence.


These include the lack of proper nutrition and iron iron supplements that treat anemia. It also occurs because of the high levels of progesterone in the body, which causes the digestive system to become less active. In order to avoid this problem, eating fiber-containing foods Such as vegetables and fresh fruits.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor to find out the right ways to deal with your pregnancy.

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