Health of your pregnancy from the health of your teeth

There are many signs of swelling and gingivitis in pregnant women , and this inflammation is known as swelling of the gum tissue that occurs due to neglect of oral hygiene.

If the teeth are not cleaned from the lime (a layer of bacteria that grows on the teeth), brush by using a thread or medicine

J, the lime may cause gingivitis, meaning the appearance of light red color, inflammation and swelling of the gums, sensitivity and bleeding.

Oral hygiene is essential during pregnancy, because pregnancy is the catalyst for lime production. This is due to the body’s secretion of four essential and vital hormones for the continuation of pregnancy, which are produced in large amounts during ovulation.

The increase in the secretion of these hormones affects the way the gum tissue treats the bacteria in the plaque, and produces many of the health risks that may affect pregnant women, not to control the proportion of plaque produced by the body.Health of your teeth

It is noteworthy that the high proportion of lime is the reason behind the injury of pregnant women gingivitis and not the hormonal change that occurs.

The risk of gingivitis varies from one woman to another during pregnancy according to the health status of her pre-pregnancy period. The injury is worse if the gums are ill in the pre-pregnancy period.

Usually the injury depends on the oral hygiene of the lime.

Prevention :

1 – Please clean the teeth at least once a day using toothpaste containing fluoride, and a soft brush with circular ends. Choose the size and shape of the brush that allows you to clean your teeth from all sides as well as clean the tongue well.

2 – Use a string of medical teeth to clean your teeth from the lime where brushing alone is not enough.

3 – Visit the dentist once every 6 months for follow-up and periodic detection, before and during pregnancy.

Try to keep your mouth clean, and your regular visit to your doctor to prevent gingivitis.

Is it safe to receive gingivitis during pregnancy?

One of the important diseases that you should receive immediate treatment and can not be delayed treatment to post-natal, like other diseases, is dental treatment, and this is under the medical supervision of your obstetrician and obstetrician.

Pregnancy and oral health.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, a routine examination should be performed to detect and eliminate the amount of lime, as this is very necessary. The other diseases that may infect your mouth during pregnancy may be postponed until after the completion of this stage.

In the second trimester: Periodic examination and hygiene is important during this period, so any treatment at this stage if necessary is not a risk.

Third trimester: At this stage, receiving a cleaning session is not harmful, but be aware that the meeting is short because the pregnant woman does not feel comfortable on the chair for long periods.

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