Health Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg is one of the most distinguished plants that is believed to treat a number of diseases such as plague, which have many health benefits such as stress, pain, cramps, menstrual disorders, indigestion, cough and other health benefits.

Health benefits include:

Relieve pain:

Nutmeg oil is useful in the treatment of muscle pain and joints and as it has a good effect as a calming of the pain as it is also anti-inflammatory massage can be affected with oil to reduce the inflammation and the resulting pain is effective in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism and back pain and use nutmeg Mainly in Chinese medicine for the treatment of abdominal pain and internal inflammation and reduces the swelling of joints and muscle pain.

Menses and menstrual cramps:

Some women experience menstrual disorders such as menstrual cramps such as periods of mood swings, depression and hormonal imbalance by massage the ovary area with oil. All of these disorders disappear.

Indigestion :

Oil helps to relieve stomach pain and remove the gases and intestines. It is useful in cases of indigestion, abdominal bloating, vomiting and diarrhea, but it causes an appetite to be opened. Therefore, caution should be taken from this point for dieters or obese people. It is taken internally at low doses in these cases .

Blood circulation :

Oil is important for the fitness of the body and mind, it promotes relaxation of the body and useful for those suffering from circulatory disorders.

Respiratory problems:

Oil relieves symptoms of colds, colds and coughs by massaging the chest area or inhaling oil. It is also believed to contribute to the treatment of asthma.

Brain tonic:

Nutmeg oil stimulates the brain thus relieves mental exhaustion and stress and improves sleep. Decreases anxiety and depression. It is an effective tonic for the brain that enhances concentration and efficiency of work and study.

Heart problems:

Coconut oil stimulates the cardiovascular system and is a good tonic for the heart as well as treating the increase of the heartbeat.

Treatment of bad breath:

The wood smell of nutmeg helps to remove the bad breath of the mouth as it is a disinfectant to the mouth and eliminates toothache and painful gums. This is always found in the manufacture of toothpaste.

Liver tonic:

One of the health benefits of nutmeg oil is its special ability to treat liver disease. It has the ability to remove liver toxins and bile.

Kidney infections:

Nutmeg oil is used to help dissolve kidney stones and uric acid accumulations that lead to diseases such as gout and arthritis.

Other Benefits of Nutmeg:

Used as a kind of seasoning often for cooking with the best international dishes, also used with incense because of its fragrance, there are some foods with nutmeg flavors such as cappuccino, bakeries and coffee, in addition to the smell of the beautiful fragrance of oil and plant of course

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