Headaches, headache

Headaches of sudden diseases that affect the human for several different reasons and are not linked to each other and also differ in types and forms and knows headaches as a pain to the head and neck and Hack people are doubled by the chill of relaxation and there are people who do not benefit because of the different types of headaches and causes and because the head of areas sensitive to the human body because Including the eyes, brain, cranial bones, ears, facial muscles, arteries and sinuses. All these organs may cause headaches if any abnormalities occur. There are some organs that are far from the head that may cause headache. Headaches may be choppy or persistent. B man weekly or monthly or for several hours and it is possible to vary the nation to be light and a probable average or pain or severe pain is not likely that you may have to come Isepk nausea pain in the forehead or jaw or near eyes or back of the head or the middle.

It is caused by stiffness of the muscles in the neck, shoulders, scalp or jaw. This is caused by stress or anxiety, or it can be caused by sleep, work, concentration, people who drink alcohol and pills suffer from this type of headache. Caffeine and caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and others, will have headaches if they do not take their favorite doses.

Is a headache that affects only half of the head and does not have a specific age exposed to all people in different ages where medical studies indicate the injury of tens of millions of migraine headaches may come suddenly without any warning and sometimes preceded by some symptoms (feeling nausea or vomiting) There are no stabilizing factors for migraine but it can occur when looking at high altitude, tension, stressful or psychological factors.

People who suffer from this type of headache feel the pain of the whole head and the pain is mild at times or moderate or severe and has no specific duration and the causes of this headache is clear from the title, which is when the person subjected to severe psychological pressure to get headaches all over the head.

It affects people when they feel hungry, especially people who eat their meals regularly and also affects those who follow a diet to lose weight.

Constipation means that the body retained the remains of food for a short time and this is harmful to humans, some of them return to the bloodstream and others return to the nervous system, leading to headaches .

When the eyes are very stressed, the person gets a headache from moderate to severe. Therefore, eye fatigue and poor eyesight are considered to be a cause of headaches. People who sit in front of screens, TV and computers for long periods of time suffer from headaches and those who look for long periods of time. Headache due to :

The person whose blood pressure is high suffers from headaches and especially in the morning and the pain gradually decreases over time and to treat this headache the person must maintain the rate of blood pressure.

be cerfull:

When headaches are accompanied by other symptoms such as high temperature, neck stiffness and persistent headaches, you should go to the doctor to check.

  1. The shortage of water in the body causes headaches and doctors point out that adults should take 2 to 5 liters of water per day. The amount varies according to the length, weight and diet of the person, and not necessarily to drink water. Feeling thirsty, drink water throughout the day.
  2. Ice is a good factor to get rid of headaches. Using ice bags or a piece of cloth dampened with cold water helps to reduce the blood vessels and removes the head pain and helps those suffering from sinuses.
  3. Relaxation A person who has a headache will have to relax by going to the quiet places to relax his or her headache and relieve headaches.
  4.  The prayer was confirmed by scholars as helping to relax and relax.
  5.  Exercise Yoga “yoga”.
  6. Sitting with warm water, hot water relaxes the muscles, shrinks and shrinks and helps to eliminate headaches.
  7.  Taking water and lemon especially to have warm water helps to treat headaches.
  8. It helps to relax the nerves and reduce the pain of the head and its side effects are almost non – existent.

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