Having many children slows down the aging of women

Many believe that too much pregnancy contributes to accelerating women’s aging, sluggishness of their bodies and increased stress. However, a team of Canadian scientists refuted this belief after a study proved that the large number of pregnancy fights aging in women, and keep the body cells from damage. A study by Simon Fraser University in Canada suggests that increasing the number of children born to women helps fight old age and keeps her body in a constant state of youth.

The study found that women who had more children had longer genetic endothelial particles, contributing to their delayed aging.

The study was conducted on about 75 women who had a large number of children and showed that they had greater vitality when they reached the age of 50.

The researchers said the results could be due to increased estrogen during pregnancy, which acts as an antioxidant and thus protects the cells from damage, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. 

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