Harmful use of cosmetics

Cosmetics have a special love for women, it is hard to find a girl who does not use cosmetics to adorn and be in the eye of the eye, Faoua always want to be wonderful beauty, and this is the role of cosmetics make women renewed and different, Fatna, but the wrong way of cosmetics Have many adverse results, so we will know the damages of the use of cosmetics to avoid them.


Before choosing cosmetics you should make sure of some important points:

  • First, why do you use these powders? Do you have a beautiful skin, or is there a problem with your skin and you want to hide it?
  • Second, what ingredients are involved in manufacturing the products you use.
  • Thirdly, do the powders interact with any medicines that you use, or cause ?
  • IV Product validity period.

Harmful use of cosmetics

  • A lot of cosmetics can lead to skin rash, grain appearance and irritation especially if the product contains sensitive ingredients for some users so you should be sure of the powders ingredients before use.
  • Some cosmetics occur between them and the skin a kind of bad interaction, and this leads to eczema, and skin diseases.
  • Skin whitening creams may cause skin to become darker, so when you use lightening products, the natural skin color changes to darker.
  • If you are greasy skin become more shiny and oily, when using some lotions.
  • If the skin is not thoroughly cleaned from the cosmetics continuously, this causes clogged pores, and this leads to non-renewal of cells.
  • Some girls use cosmetics, and this is very dangerous because it leads to the spread of infection and disease.
  • Signs of aging, age and aging appear on the skin at an early age.

How to avoid cosmetic damage

  • We can not do without cosmetics, so at least we should try to avoid the damage by following the following:
  • Avoid products that include skin-whitening material that will give you temporary lightening, but it will damage your skin very poorly.
  • The validity date should always be confirmed, whether in cosmetics or any other product.
  • Do not expose cosmetics to the sun directly, nor do you buy anonymous products, make sure to be well-known brands.
  • Tinctures should be used with great care, not too many, not only because they strain the hair, but because medical studies have proven that they may lead to cancer in some cases.
  • Never use powder. They clog the pores, use better liquid creams.

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