Habraa warn: the bills of shops and restaurants where a carcinogen

Experts warned that the circulation of store bills, because it can cause cancer, especially in which the ink fades over time, because of the presence of the substance “Psfonola,” a chemical carcinogenic, linked to infertility, autism, obesity, type II diabetes, and premature births.

There is concern among researchers that human exposure to this substance, which is found in plastics, is added to the bills to become clearer without the use of more ink, and also found in plastic water bottles and food containers.

Dr. Nicholas Olia of the University of Granada, Spain, called for avoiding the storage of invoices in portfolios or cars. After analyzing 112 bills of thermal paper from Brazil, Spain and France, tests revealed that up to 90% contain pesphonola, in Brazil, Compared to half in French invoices.

“We can recognize this paper by putting it in front of a heat source, because it instantly turns black, and tickets should not come into contact with food like meat or fish, nor should we play tickets, write notes or store them in cars or handbags.

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