Guava diet to lose weight

Excess weight is one of the most difficult problems for many people, especially people with diabetes. This is why we offer guava, which is important and useful in such cases, because guava contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C and high amounts of dietary fiber.

– The nutritional value Guava:

– Guava contains important vitamins of the body that enhance the senses of sight and hearing and promote fertility because it is a good source of folate, especially in women who suffer from obesity and obesity.

– Guava is rich in powerful antioxidants and compounds that contribute to resistance and fight cancer.

– You do not need to consult a specialist before you follow Guava.

– Guava helps to absorb sugar from the blood and promote fertility This diet is suitable for diabetics.

– A rich source of copper, which helps guava to regulate the metabolism and help in the process of metabolism and absorption of food.

Guava helps to produce balance hormones in the body.

– Helps lower blood pressure It is suitable for people with high blood pressure.

– Contains a small percentage of calories as 100 grams of guava contains 53 calories.

– gives a sense of satiety because it contains high nutritional fibers.

– Helps to keep the stomach clean and regulate the secretions of the body and remove toxins and purify the digestive system.

Helps to bind cholesterol and remove it from the body.

– Regulates the work of the heart and maintains the balance of sodium and potassium.

– Contains polyphenols that prevent inflammation of the blood vessels and reduce the bad cholesterol in the body.

– Treating hypothyroidism.

– Guava diet for 6 days:

First day :

Breakfast: 1 tablespoon Quraish cheese, brown toast, salad and guava fruit.

Snack: 3 guava fruits.

Lunch: Grilled fish steak with green salad and guava fruit.

Dinner: 1 cup of guava juice without sugar with a boiled egg

the second day :

Breakfast: boiled egg, salad, guava fruit or guava juice.

Lunch: A slice of grilled meat with grilled vegetables, guava and baked bread

Dinner : Guava fruit and a cup of skimmed milk.

Between lunch and breakfast, take 3 fruits of guava and between the food and dinner two guava fruits.

the third day :

Breakfast  : Salad dish and guava fruit.

Lunch: Mushroom slices with vegetable soup and guava fruit.

Dinner: Diet yogurt and a glass of Guava juice.

Fruit of guava between meals like the previous days

the fourth day :

Breakfast : Guava fruit with Quraish cheese and black toast

Lunch : Steak chicken breast with grilled meats salad and guava fruit.

Dinner: a cup of warm milk with a guava fruit .

The fifth day :

Breakfast: Guava fruit with fruit salad.

Lunch: Tuna tray, black asas and guava fruit.

Dinner: cup of Guava juice and Quraish cheese.

the sixth day :

Breakfast: Quraish cheese and guava fruit.

Lunch: Steak grilled fish with green salad.

Dinner: cheese and guava juice.

Taking care to eat Guava between 4 to 6 fruits per day and you will definitely notice the difference.

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