Green gold .. Superhero abilities to fight blood pressure

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Spirulina, known as green gold, can lower blood pressure, which affects many people without realizing it, a recent study found.

The British Daily Mail reported on Saturday (January 5, 2019) that Italian researchers found proteinuria in this dietary supplement was working to place the arteries in a relaxed state.

Spirulina, a dietary supplement made from green algae that live in saltwater saline, is used as an adjunct to weight loss, fever and diabetes.

Previously, there was limited scientific evidence on the positive effects of this dietary supplement.

High blood pressure leads to various heart diseases, especially heart enlargement, as high pressure may inflate the muscles surrounding the heart, causing difficulty in blood flow to it.

The kidney disease is caused by various diseases, most seriously kidney failure, and that high blood pressure may lead to narrow arteries that feed the kidneys, not to mention blindness.

Researchers at the Italian Institute of Neuroscience in Italy isolated certain molecules from Spirulina supplement to test their health benefits.

They then mimicked the effect of spirulina digestion on the arteries, through isolated arteries and animals in the laboratory.

The researchers found that spirulina leads to the relaxation of the artery, a process of vasodilation, which helps reduce blood pressure by increasing the amount of blood pumped in a single movement.

This is the same effect as nitric oxide, a chemical known for its ability to maintain blood pressure at healthy levels.

It is noteworthy that many artists and artists are keen to eat this supplement food regularly, because of its great health benefits, including the world fashion model Miranda Care.

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