Getting rid of excess hair during pregnancy

Excessive hair is a nuisance for women especially during pregnancy. The rate of hair growth is faster, and the excess hair is not only under the armpits, but increases hair growth rate in the pubic area, legs and arms.

Is removing excess hair in pregnancy harmful?

There is no evidence that excess hair removal from the pregnant mother is unsafe for the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus. Many pregnant mothers follow a program to remove excess hair regularly from all parts of their bodies.

Ways to get rid of excess hair during pregnancy

Normal hair removal methods such as wax, shaving and shaving can be used to remove excess hair, but it is not recommended to use chemical hair removers or peeling hair removers. For hair removal, laser hair removal has not been proven to date.

What are the problems faced by pregnant women when removing excess hair during pregnancy?

As you approach delivery, it may be difficult to reach certain parts of the body of the pregnant mother, which requires a lot of effort. If you are pregnant, remove the excess hair in the last weeks of pregnancy, the speed of excess hair growth will decrease until the early days of motherhood. With a lot of other things.

– Increase the skin’s susceptibility to allergies : During pregnancy, the skin of the pregnant mother becomes more sensitive than before, so before you begin to remove the excess hair work on a small part of the skin, regardless of how to remove excess hair, read the instructions of use attached to any product dedicated to hair removal Plus you buy it for home consumption.

Finally, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about the experience of any other hair removal method and its effect on pregnancy and fetal health

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