Getting rid of back pain after childbirth

With the beginning of the last stages of pregnancy increases the feeling of pregnant some of the back pain as a result of increasing the size of the fetus and the impact on the paragraphs, which increases the feeling of pain in the back, and often disappear after the delivery of these symptoms, but if you continue with the following tips to relieve the feeling of back pain after childbirth.

– Return to normal weight after birth by following a healthy diet and not a severe diet suitable for the period of breastfeeding (to prevent breastfeeding).

When you raise your baby to my hands because you raise your hands to lift it, bring it close to you before lifting it.

In order to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back, you can be satisfied with a quarter of an hour (15 minutes) a day. For those who have had caesarean section, they should start exercising after 6 weeks of surgery, under the supervision of the treating physician, without stress.

When you lift the baby off the ground, tighten the abdominal muscles and use the leg muscles to lift it, and do not bend your back while carrying anything from the ground.

– The same thing when you need to lift the child out of bed, first lower the ends of the bed (if rocking) and near the baby to you.

– Lift the child by the front part of the body and not by bending and loading on the back.

– The prosthetic in the loading on the hips, because it weighs on the muscles of the back.

– When carrying the child put a pillow on your feet, so there is no loading or bending of the back.

– Always sit on a sofa or chair supporting the back, not sitting on the seats, which disappears the body.

– To prevent upper back pain during breastfeeding, close the baby to the chest so that it can be carried and bent to it. Sit straight to the back and make me support your back, and do not sit on the bed.

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