Get rid of fears

All of us without exception we feel fear from time to time, it is a natural thing that passes through the human, the instinct of creating it afraid of the unknown and ambiguity and phenomena that lack a realistic interpretation, but we must distinguish between the kind of natural fear and fear, which makes the person live a case of Fear, anxiety and inability to live a normal life, we will try to know fear in a simple way, and what is the spike and how to get rid of the fears in the next.

Each of us has his or her own concerns, and the feeling varies from one person to another. For example, some may fear insects, someone who causes anxiety and tension, and some are afraid of high or dark places so fear can be defined as a state of danger and anxiety. And as if the world has stopped around us, and when we feel fear we freeze intellectually and physically and can not move or make the right decision, and we decide to hide behind those fears and escape from the confrontation to turn into a state of fear and self-absorption.

The causes of fear are many and varied, including:

  • When a person undergoes a harsh experience that may cause him a kind of pathological fear, which is difficult to overcome, because the person is under the impact of the severe trauma that passed through him and in that case must get help and support myself from others.
  • When friends come together, talk can often turn into some horrible facts and stories that make everyone feel scared in the end. But it’s different from one person to another, the fear may end with the end of the conversation, but others may remember those horrific stories when Lonely in the evening and hurt with fear and tension for some time.
  • Bad news, or accidents that may occur suddenly.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Many of us feel afraid of the dark, because it is always associated with frightening things such as novels about the jinn, and the entry of thieves into the house.
  • When a person feels scared, the heart beats very quickly.
  • Severe sweating, accompanied by a sense of panic.
  • Stay away from others, and live in isolation.
  • Drought in the throat.
  • In the beginning, each person should identify the things he fears and fears, to find out the correct way to treat and get rid of them.
  • When we are afraid, we must not give in to that situation, and we seek our concern until those fears are eliminated.
  • Choose a close friend and talk to him and ask for help to get over that situation.
  • Medical help is preferred if the individual can not face his fears alone.
  • Getting closer to God and using it is the most correct and most effective way.
  • Exercising, eating healthy and sleeping early can improve a person’s mood and make him face fears with all his might.
  • If you feel a sense of fear, calm down and breathe calmly and deeply.

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