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In this article we offer you a series of steps that will help you to get rid of stomach ache, abdominal pain, and keep your digestive system healthy, God willing.Digestive

Reduce fat, fast food, coffee, more fruits, vegetables and fish, choose your favorite restaurant, look for low-calorie meals, eat slowly and walk a short distance away. Steps to keep your digestive system healthy.

Job stress, bad eating habits and work that do not require much movement are all factors. If combined, they represent a time bomb for the digestive system and lead to weight gain, indigestion, obesity and poor performance at work.

Here are some expert guidelines for dieting, facilitating digestion, and thus maintaining health, which means reducing the increasing consumption of medical properties that help digestion and stomach ulcers or that help reduce weight as well as unnecessary visits to the doctor.

When choosing a place to eat, restaurants that offer a variety of high-value and health-friendly dishes are preferred, such as restaurants offering several options for low-fat foods. Always check the menu before entering the restaurant or sitting at the table.

In order for the diet to be integrated, it is preferable to take into account the integration of meals throughout the day. Dr. Gregorio Mariscal Bueno, the nutritionist, asserts that an increase in food during work can be compensated during meals at home. Bueno is advised to consult with the doctor to find the right food for each person .

In order to be able to complete the workday normally after eating, it is recommended to choose foods that are easy to digest and avoid “stomach weight”. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce high fat foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products.

Distinguish between energy combustion in a person who performs tasks that require a heavy muscle effort such as a construction worker, a cleaning worker or a farmer, and burning the energy of a person who needs to sit inside the office or drive for long periods.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist to determine the type of food appropriate for the amount of calories necessary for the activity of the profession, because if increased will lead to obesity and if it leads to fatigue.

In the case of eating during work, you can start with a dish of pasta and a plate of power and the fruit of tomatoes or any type of vegetables, and then after eating a kind of white fish or a piece of low-fat grilled meat along with the fruit of fruit or a cup of yogurt or a piece of fresh cheese , According to Dr. Juan Guerrier, nutritionist.

At the end of the working day, you can eat some dry or fruit fruit and natural fruit juice instead of sandwiches, or any type of fast food that includes soft drinks, which is a “time bomb” for the digestive system.

The stimulants, such as tea and coffee, have turned into basic drinks at work, and though they are moderately reduced, the experts advise not to eat them at work and do so at other times.

Caffeine is one of the most dangerous stimulants of the nervous system, but at the same time helps to increase tension and nervousness and thus loss of concentration, leading to poor performance at work.

  1. Eat slowly, and chew it well on the jaws on small bunches. Enjoy every bite of food and the surrounding environment by talking to others and drinking sips of water, preferably with music or dim lighting.
  2. Prefer candles that calm nerves and help to enjoy and then digest food better.
  3. Be aware of the need to stop eating before you feel full, even if some food remains in the dish.
  4. He likes to eat, then take a little rest and then walk for a short time.
  5. Shortness of time, dizziness and work-related stress result in loss of control of the diet, poor eating habits, and fat burning disorders, leading to obesity or extreme thinness, along with some digestive problems such as flatulence Indigestion.

To avoid these problems, doctors are advised to eat slowly and good choice of quality and rest after food and prefer to walk for a short period of not more than 10 minutes, which helps the body to digest and allows a little separation from the busy work environment and reduce tension.

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